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— Client or host has to have a valid credit or debit card.

— Partial payment is needed to reserve an event. The event cost $180.00 per hour, minimum of 2 hours. $100.00 down payment is required to book an event.

— The rest owed should be paid in full on the day of the event, before the event starts.

— Client will get an email or text to confirm event date/payment


— Cancellations: There will be a $50.00 cancellation fee for all events charged after the down payment is paid.

—There's a $40 cancellation fee if client or host cancel an hour of original hours booked(within 7 days/1 week to event date). This include the date of the event. 

— Refunds: If the event is paid in full and client or host wants to cancel, Client or host will be refunded the amount minus $50.00 for cancellation fee.

EXAMPLE: If a client rents POWERLINE GAMING LLC for two hour service; paid in full sums up to $360.00. If client cancels then client will be refunded $310.00.

— Rescheduling: Upon availability


— There will be absolutely no drinking alcohol, no smoking, no drugs allowed within the bus.


— Client or host must be present throughout the event. No matter the age of children.

— Owner/Staff are not responsible for any injuries or illnesses to children while in the bus.


— All clients or host will have to enter the bus prior to any event, for payment and discussing rules.

— All liability for damages or missing items or injuries are the sole responsibilities of client or host.


— In the event of inclement weather (such as heavy rain or snowstorm etc.) POWERLINE GAMING LLC reserves the right to reschedule any event. This is for the safety of client, client’s guests, staff and equipment. Staff will call client to reschedule event based on earliest availability.


—A two car parking must be available

for the bus on time of arrival. If not, event will still end on the time it's supposed to end, please note Powerline Gaming arrives half hour early before the start of event to set up. 

— POWERLINE GAMING BUS LLC will not/cannot park at any illegal parking space.

— Gaming bus must be parked on a flat street area, we cannot park on a hill.


— Food/drinks are allowed upon request from client with the approval of staff.

— Client or host are responsible for cleaning after themselves.

— All participants must clean their hands before touching any/all equipment.


— We do not offer Internet/WiFi. Playing online with other people can be interesting but it can distract children from socializing with each other. At Powerline Gaming by not providing online services, we believe we encourage an opportunity for children to learn social interaction by playing among each other. We also believe while playing together children learn to cooperate, follow rules, develop self-control, share and take turns. Playing together builds a positive experience that creates a foundation for a lifetime of learning.  


— Due to Covid-19 for the safety of our staff/your families everyone must wear a mask. Temperature will be taken before anyone can enter the bus.

— Please note that all equipment is sanitized before/after every event.

— We also offer hand sanitizer throughout the event.

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